July 24, 2024

The Afrobeats diva, Tiwa Savage, has unabashedly spilled some ‘Valuable’ pearls of wisdom for single ladies.

At a recent live performance, the songstress after twerking on stage, passionately implored single women, whether self-reliant or not, to accept the affections of men eager to shower them with financial abundance.

Tiwa, while making it clear that she isn’t endorsing women seeking monetary gain from relationships (commonly known as ‘runs’), highlighted how essential it is for women to relish the pleasures of life, including all the finest and luxurious things, while romantically involved with a love interest.

She boldly stated that despite single ladies’ efforts to please and appease their partners, their hearts will still be shattered. This ignited a storm of furious responses from men in the online sphere.

Speaking at the show, Tiwa Said:

“I am not encouraging runs, I am not saying you should go after a man for his money. I am just saying it is sweet when he wants to spend his money on you.

“They will still break your heart anyways. So, it is better for you to cry with your Christian doir, and your birkin bag and your private jet to Dubai. We have our own money , we are just saying, his money is important and must be eaten.”


The video caught the attention of fans, primarily male, who criticized the songstress for potentially leading single and young women astray with her onstage financial counsel.


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