July 25, 2024

A shocking incident unfolded at a luxurious four-star hotel in Benidorm as a cleaner was caught stealing valuable items from a British family’s room and brazenly hiding them in her bra.

Alastair and Sue Conner, who had paid a substantial sum for their all-inclusive package holiday, were left shocked by the discovery.

During their stay at the Magic Natura Resort in Benidorm in September, the couple noticed packets of cigarettes and perfumes mysteriously disappearing from their hotel room.

Determined to unravel the mystery, they took matters into their own hands by installing secret cameras in their room.

To gather evidence, they snapped photos of their belongings and discreetly positioned a laptop on the dressing table to capture any illicit activity while they were away for the day.

The footage they captured left them in disbelief.

It revealed the cleaner rifling through their personal belongings and pocketing their perfumes and cigarettes while cleaning their room the following day.

Allegedly, the couple estimated that approximately €750 worth of items, including cash, perfumes, and 260 cigarettes, had vanished from their room.

They felt violated and mortified as they discovered the extent of the theft.

The hotel management has been alerted, and they hope that appropriate action will be taken against the cleaner.

Watch the video below:


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