July 25, 2024

The ace video director revealed that he always rented any equipment he needed to shoot and just had a laptop for editing.

Nigerian music video director, ThankGod Omori Jesam, popularly known as TG Omori, has made a shocking revelation about his chosen career path.

Speaking in an interview with ‘Zero Conditions Podcast’ he revealed that he did not own a camera used to film his videos.

According to him, he only has a desktop computer in his office, which he uses to edit videos.

The renowned video director is renowned for working with the greatest musicians and performers in the business to realize their creative visions.

TG Omori described his entry into the world of video production, claiming that he employs production studios that provide him access to the tools he needs for filming and that he doesn’t own a single piece of video equipment.

The filmmaker also described how, when his parents couldn’t afford to purchase him a laptop, he decided to act because all he had to do was show up on set. He had originally planned to pursue film production in school, but acting allowed him to avoid this financial burden.

“I wanted to study film production, but they could not even afford to buy me a laptop, so I went for performing act because all you need is just to be present on stage. So it was in school that I discovered that there is a career called music video director, and you don’t even need to have anything, you can actually rent,” he added.

Watch him speak below:

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