July 24, 2024

A parent known on TikTok as @badguytoba shared a video of his young son sneaking away with six cans of drinks from a party on social media.

The video, which has gone viral, shows the smart child casually hiding the drinks into his bag and pockets.

The video, which was released on TikTok, shows the young child successfully pocketing six cans of drinks from a party.

The father, who goes by the moniker @badguytoba, expressed his surprise at his son’s daring effort.

The father is heard in the video criticizing his son’s conduct with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

Toba, apparently taken aback by his son’s ingenuity, makes a lighthearted remark.

“Last time I am taking this boy out with me to a party before they arrest us for overtakeaway.

“Do you know who I am that you’re carrying drinks, even in your pocket? Is it because they announced that people can take them away for free? You will not spoil my name,” father said.

The video has garnered a flurry of reactions from online viewers, who seem to appreciate the young boy’s cunning tactics and the father’s lighthearted response.

Netizens Reactions…
@cyntheeyah_ said; “Oga just collect one drink use step down.”

@iam_mztonia reacted: “Open his cap too some drinks might be there.”

@askof_lavish commented; “You can take the kid out of Nigeria but you can’t take Nigeria out of the kid.

@kinqreign said; “See update but don’t try this if you know you weren’t invited oh because if bouncer catch you them go shock you waiting nor good with that their electric shocker.”

@debbiie_mo1 reacted; “You can have one after the video so rest leave the boy alone.”

@boywise.ai commented; “Wetin I love i go do am with all my heart o.”

@Alexander reacted; “This was me earlier today I had 12 soda, 2 packs of jollof rice, peppered gizzard & turkey Crisps etc . My back pack was full.

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