July 25, 2024

Destiny Etiko, a Nollywood actress and producer, and controversial crossdresser, continue to raise heads and elicit reactions with their cozy show.

in a recent video from Etiko’s friend’s birthday boat excursion that surfaced online Destiny Etiko was seen in a white bikini with her girls and James Brown, who frequently joins the ladies in their activities, 

Destiny Etiko and James Brown got free with each other as they played and vibed together, as if they weren’t opposing genders.

A video showed James Brown putting his head between Destiny’s thighs while they were having fun.

Destiny Etiko, on the other hand, was seen softly paddling James Brown’s rear while he twerked and whined his waist.

Captioning the video, Destiny wrote:

“Partied so hard with my girls in the YATCH Still celebrating my girl’s BIRTHDAY @jaykneeeeephaaaaaar .”

Netizens reactions…
The clip as expected generated a lot of reactions from fellow celebrities and fans who expressed their thoughts as regards Destiny Etiko and James Brown’s antics in recent times. Check out some reactions beneath:

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