July 25, 2024

When she returned weeks later, it was already too late as the baby had died in her womb.

A Ghanaian doctor has narrated how a pregnant woman who had a heart condition died after refusing an elective Cesarean Section (C/S) over her husband’s “agreement with God”.

Dr. Wilberforce took to Twitter to relay the heartbreaking incident recently. He said the woman was advised to undergo CS because her heart can’t endure the stress of labour and vagina delivery.

In response to the medical advice, she said she needed to discuss the issue with her husband first and left the hospital.

When she returned weeks later, it was already too late as the baby had died in her womb and she subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest, which led to her death.

Following her death, her husband was confronted and he stated that he refused the Caesarian session because he had an agreement with God that his wife will deliver normally.

Read the doctor’s full tweet below,

“Client was offered an ELECTIVE (pre-planned] C/S because she has a heart condition. Her frail heart would simply NOT withstand the distress of labor and vaginal delivery! Her reply: ” I need to tell hubby about all this first”, and she left,’ the doctor narrated.

“Never showed up UNTIL Several WEEKS after. This time, in labour; but the baby’s heart had stopped beating. Baby was dead [IUFD], for days, even. When confronted, husband was like: “I had an AGREEMENT with God that my wife will deliver normally

“Long story short, the lady is in the MORTUARY. Her heart gave up – a cardiac arrest
“So a little advice to anyone who might find themselves in this situation, Decisions pertaining your body must be made by only you and you alone. Always put yourself first before the baby. You can always try again if you lose the baby, but if you lose your life, you’re done.”

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