July 24, 2024

“Please forgive him” – Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer Kelvin Power effortlessly lift man up, gave him serious warning, people gather to beg him (Watch)

In a video that has been making waves across online platforms, Kelvin Power, the bouncer for the popular musician Kizz Daniel, demonstrated his remarkable strength as he effortlessly lifted a man in the streets of Lagos.

The extraordinary display captivated passersby, who gathered to witness the incredible feat and even found themselves imploring Kelvin in a light-hearted and humorous video.

The footage, which has since gone viral, showcases Kelvin Power’s astounding physical prowess as he effortlessly hoists a man into the air.

His extraordinary display attracted a crowd of intrigued onlookers who were left in awe of the bouncer’s exceptional strength.

In the spirit of good-natured humor, those who witnessed the spectacle couldn’t help but jestingly implore Kelvin for similar acts of strength, a testament to the engaging and entertaining nature of the video.

This viral video serves as a reminder of the fascinating and sometimes surprising talents that can be found within the everyday lives of individuals.

It also highlights the lighthearted and communal spirit that often characterizes the encounters on the bustling streets of Lagos.

Watch the video below;

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