July 25, 2024

Mimi Yina, also known as Medlin Boss, a celebrity stylist, has lamented the extent of the damage done to her store.

She shared her anguish at how operating a business is not easy, sharing a video of her showroom ruined beyond repair, and how her stress level just continues tearing her heart.

She reported that she awoke to a video from her security guard showing her the damages done to her store, but there were no injuries or deaths.

She is, nonetheless, certain that God will provide for her. Meanwhile, she is hoping for the strength to keep going after announcing that her store would be closed for some weeks.

“Being an entrepreneur and running a business is not easy at all on today’s episode of my stress level just breaks my heart. Waking up to a clip from my security man just had me all sort of mixed feelings but again thankful that there were no causalities because imagine if this had landed on someone. May God continue to give us strength as we continue to push through huddles because mehnnn is not easy and trying not to give up is also not easy. Regardless we keep pushing @medlin_empire showroom will be closed for some days so sorry to anyone who scheduled a shoot with the studio section for the weekend. IT IS WELL”.

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