July 24, 2024

Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole has finally revealed her struggles, days after her admirers began to worry.

Kehinde Bankole has made mysterious comments on her Instagram profile that hinted to a personal issue.

The beautiful goddess of the television screen admitted that she has been dealing with an unnamed personal problem that is getting worse by the day.

She said that because she has been dealing with the problem for years, it is essential to her personally.

Kehinde updated it on her Instagram profile, noting that it’s acceptable to let others in on the less glamorous aspects of one’s life.

The delectable screen goddess revealed that she has been struggling with her hair, and has been managing it for years.

The 38-year-old stated that she is putting her shyness aside and will be happy to receive encouragement from her fans as she shares her journey with them.

“I decided it’s okay to share the not-so-cool part of our lives as well. Remember my last video? It’s my hair! And I’ve been managing it for years but I’m finally ready to get my hair the help it needs. I’m putting my shyness aside and will be happy with your encouragement as I share every bit of the journey with you. I don’t know what it entails yet but we will see. Thank you loads in anticipation”.


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