July 24, 2024

Nollywood actress, Lolade Okunsanya has taken to social media to disclose that men that are from the southeast are very delightful and they continue to give her more grounds as to why she should immediately settle down with her male counterpart from the region.

Lolade Okunsanya however revealed that the director of the movie who happens to be an Igbo man served her a drink, which made her to opine that Igbo men are sweet and they keep giving her more reasons to quickly marry an Igbo man.

The movie star finally called out Yoruba men, as she stated that she does not want to hear anything from them with regards to her statement about Igbo men.

Lolade Okunsanya wrote;

“Igbo men are sweet abeg. You people keep giving me more reasons to quickly marry an Igbo man.”

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