July 25, 2024

During the BBNaija season 8 All-Star Edition show, CeeC had an intimate conversation with fellow housemate Cross, where he confessed his feelings for her.

CeeC had indicated that someone had given her a sign that she mistook for a probable crush. Cross speculated that the individual might have affections for her.

Continuing the chat, CeeC enquired about Cross’s feelings for her, to which he replied that he loves her.

He went on to say that his feelings for her began the moment he lay eyes on her.

In response to Cross’ confession, CeeC disregarded his remarks as false while blushing.

This interaction prompted concerned individuals to share their interpretations and opinions on the matter in the comments section.

Watch The Video Below:

reacting to the post:

@simplyivy24: “Ceec is cute shem, I love this of her only cross can bring this side in that house. I hope they become friends outside the house coz this house ehn.”

@princess_: “Cee dey give us something to talk about.she is strategic.A lawyer. She no get any feeling for anybody but she likes no love. She is a gamer.”

@angeline_djan: “Ceece is giving highlight everyday. I love how she is playing her game; girl didn’t come to play. she is giving a bit of everything.”

@user3043254840795: “I love my CeeC such a beautiful lady they highlight everyday you are winning my girl.”

@sunshine: “Cross that’s always kissing everybody and enjoying the kiss.”

@Princewill: “Instead of her to say she loves him aunty is pushing it on him.”

@Promxy Hansom: “Why is she pretending because is obvious she has interest on Cross.”

@Cynthy berry20: “Ceec is blushing so much. she really likes cross the bad guy.”

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