July 25, 2024

Popular singer B-Red quietly criticizes his cousin Davido in a purportedly recorded conversation with his wife Faith Johnson, who accuses him of supposedly flying a woman to Atlanta.

The conversation was leaked by an IG user named @maryam_alh75901, who claimed to be a friend of B-Red’s wife.

In the chat which sirfaced online, Faith dragged her husband for opening the door for a lady and spending time with her in Atlanta.

B-Red initially denied everything and said he didn’t know the lady. He then admitted that he knew her but that he and she had never slept together.

Faith was not convinced, and she hurled accusations at him, calling him embarrassing and a habitual liar.

She then said that he was laughing at Davido over his drama as if he was any better than the Afrobeats singer, to which B-Red supposedly asked her if he has children outside his marriage like Davido.

See the WhatsApp chats below …

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