July 25, 2024

Uriel Oputa, an evicted Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ housemate, has made a shocking revelation about her co-housemate, Pere Egbi’s genitals.

Uriel, who was expelled last week Sunday, claimed to DSTV Nigeria that Pere has a large d!ck.

She claims she saw his enormous genitalia while they were swimming together in the house.

She stressed how “general” (large) Pere is down there.

Netizens Reactions…

Her statement, however, elicited diverse reactions, with many criticizing her. Some pointed out the irony of condemning men for discussing women’s intimate areas while ignoring it when women do the same.

One Lady Que wrote, “It’s all funny and cool until a man says something similar about a woman’s body

One Ada Ugo Homes wrote, “It’s funny and cruise because a woman said it. Now watch when a man makes such a statement all these two sides women will be barking in this mark housemate. Imagine It’s Seyi or Pere or Ike that said this una no go allow me hear word for this mark house

One Don Franklyn wrote, “Wait till it’s a man talking about a woman like this!! Pervert will be flying yo and down. This gender and double standards

One Nene George wrote, “Discussing the size of a man’s genitalia in a public domain is a no-no for me because if the same topic was to be reversed, most women would have found it offensive including me

One Abj Luxury Hub wrote, “If it was a man talking about the other gender’s private part like this, the comment section would be different. Ndi Mzuzu

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