July 24, 2024

Queen Dami, the estranged wife of Late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyeye has come under fire over her affair with singer, Portable.

Tontrends reported days back that there had been news that the former Alaafin’s wife is in a relationship with Portable who recently got married to an actress.

Gist Lover also alleged that the mother of one is in a relationship with Portable by sharing screenshots of their comments.

The comments were captured at different times when they exchange endearing words such as my king and queen, also using love emojis.

Finally speaking on their relationship in an interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Portable hinted at being in a relationship with her.

The father of five debunked reports that he is the father of her child, stating that Queen Dami, was only a fan before the death of her husband, the King.

According to him, things switch up from there as he isn’t one to have an affair with people’s wives.

The video which has caused a stir online has left many bashing Queen Dami for disrespecting the Monarchy.


One Nkechi Oliseh wrote, “How do you go from being the King’s wife to sharing a bed with a riff-raff?

One Tech Belles wrote, “This woman married her great grandfather as what? 100th wife and you people are surprised she is with Portable now?

One Channel Gomez wrote, “Very classless and razz Olori! A whole iku baba Yeye’s wife. Smh if dead bodies could speak

One Attractions Affordables wrote, “Such an effortlessly shameless queen. Zero dignity

One Joella Solutions wrote, “The so-called queen doesn’t have class

One Christy Eva wrote, “From palace to gutter

One Vanessa Roger wrote, “From being the wife of a king to side chick of who? Come on self-respect is very important

One Tobicent wrote, “Regardless who is involved. Some women are shameless. I rest my case!!

One Lima Lush wrote, “Classless and shameless queen”.

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