July 25, 2024

Kemi Olunloyo, an investigative journalist, has made stunning charges against Nigerian music singer Davido. Olunloyo, known for her outlandish claims and suspicions, recently claimed a stunning link between Davido’s private jet and drug trafficking.

Olunloyo’s comment raises a lot of eyebrows and attention because it touches on a sensitive subject with serious legal and reputational consequences.

Accusing someone or their assets of drug trafficking is a severe allegation with serious consequences.Kemi Olunloyo additionally acknowledges that Davido may be unaware of any such activity with his private jet. Her objective appears to be to draw attention to a problem.

“Urgent: Someone on Davido’s private jet is a drug trafficker. Many pilots are refusing to fly the Adeleke jet. Davido must weed them out. Drug abuse keeps ruining lives. David must help curb this war on drugs before he gets into serious trouble with global drug enforcement agencies,” she wrote.*


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