July 25, 2024

It is hightime Nigerians need to be aware of beggars following a recent video in Zaria where a man almost loses his life after he gives N100 to a female beggar shows that there is a lack of humanity in our society and people are ready to do anything to make money as the year runs to an end.

In the trending video, the female beggar seen in a pink native outfit begged for N100, and the man on a wine native wear lying on the ground responded by giving her N100 from his own pocket.

The female beggar moved forward and further returned to the man seeking a pure water, the man shows the kind gesture embedded in him and gave the beggar the pure water.

Swiftly, the man suddenly collapsed and lays lifeless on the ground as he couldn’t breathe again.

People around noticed that this man fell down after giving the beggar pure water, so they held her accountable and told her to wake the dead man up.

The woman said they should allow her jump the man, after she jumped him, the man started breathing again.

The people became angry and wanted to kill the woman but the police officers around said no that they should allow the police handle the woman’s case.

They got angry and Tore her dress as passersby disclosed if they were unable to catch the ritualist who claim to be a beggar that man blood would have dried up and end up being killed. 

Watch the video below;


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