July 24, 2024

In the middle of divorce rumors with his wife, Majorie Harvey, famous American show host Steve Harvey pens down an inspiring piece on resilience.

According to rumors, the American socialite’s marriage fell apart when his wife was allegedly found cheating.

In their divorce petitions, she allegedly wanted half of his net worth in alimony.

However, a famous Delta politician Ned Nwoko, who knows Harvey maintains that the marriage is OK and that the rumors are untrue.

In a recent statement on his Twitter profile, the show’s presenter emphasizes the value of perseverance in the face of life’s various challenges.

Although, some overzealous netizens are making connections with his piece with the currently circulating rumours.

Steve Harvey wrote …

“No matter what happens, life ain’t over. As long as God wakes you up, that means he ain’t through with you yet. When God wakes you up, he has something for you that you haven’t received. Every day you have the opportunity to make something happen.”

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