July 25, 2024

A male tenant released a Knackuda video of his landlord and a female tenant, Agatha who pays house rent with her Punani (Watch)

A couple of tenants who couldn’t bear the injustice their landlord has been serving them decided to take matters into their hands as they released the phone number online of one of their neighbors and are also threatening to release her sex tape.

Agatha, as she is identified, is the tenant whose neighbors aren’t happy with. It’s said that while others pay the landlord 150k (one hundred and fifty thousand naira) every year, she doesn’t pay. She instead pays with her body.

Agatha has in several occasions had sexual relations with the landlord in a bid to bunk her rent payment and the tenants are no longer finding joy in that as they work tooth and nail to provide the landlord with his bill.

They have called her out online and further leaked her phone number so that social media users and the world at large can call the said woman who pays with her body. They have also threatened to release her sex tape and nudes.

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