June 14, 2024

Yomi expressed his displeasure and disappointment in Davido over the way he allegedly handled the multiple pregnancies linked to him.

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has lambasted popular singer, Davido, for reportedly encouraging his alleged side chicks to get an abortion.

Taking to his Instagram page, Yomi expressed his displeasure and disappointment in Davido over the way he allegedly handled the multiple pregnancies linked to him.

He recalled how Davido threatened to take action against him over some comments he made two years ago in relation to his colleague, Baba Ijesha’s alleged child molestation case, which he is currently serving time in prison for.

According to him, based on the way Davido attacked him for seemingly “supporting” Baba Ijesha, one would have thought he would not encourage the murder of his unborn babies via abortion.

Speaking further, he said that if Davido can arrest someone for negligence over the death of his son Ifeanyi Adeleke, one would expect him to have compassion for every other child.

He further described Davido as a “stinking b!tch” who is pretending to be who is not and fooling people on the internet.

Read his full post below,

“By all standard, abortion or enabling abortion is a sin and unacceptable before God and laws of some countries including US. To now have an individual @davido who has serious overwhelming influence on teenagers and youths repeatedly propositioning and enabling spineless and voiceless young ladies into #abortion (an outright murder of an innocent child) is unacceptable and disappointing.

If you can arrest someone for negligence on the death of your child, one would expect you to have compassion for every other children not even the ones you deliberately invited to this world.

You were once at that stage of those babies you paid their mothers to kill for your own selfish interest. What if those girls die in the process? Or you are deliberately impregnating them and have them shed those blood for other purposes?
It is a disaster on Nigeria social media that only a handful think outside the box. I thought you cared so much about children when you posted my picture and captioned it “BITCH ON SIGHT” and in another you called me “MUMU” for protesting for human rights of a defendant(someone I reckon was likely ambushed into misfortune in an organised crime). I was even demanding justice for the victim. For those adults using her as a bait(if truly she was 14years then) was the purest evil vis a vis child PONOGRAPHY on the part of Princess Comedian, etc.

Let me remind you, human rights is not for victims only. Quite unfortunate, few of you misuse the social media advantage and exhibit sheer arrogance of Ignorance laced with envy, disrespect and delusion. You all are not in my purview anyways.

You are not really who people think you are, what a shame. God will continue to expose you lots for subjecting me to what I never deserve. I AM DISGUSTED WITH THE VAST CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE by the several holier than thou now. At the end of the day, you are just one stinking bitch forming who you are not and fooling loads online. Shame on you.

Find peace with those women and treat them right if you are wise enough before it is ……. Those babies have right to life.

– Yomi Fabiyi”

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