June 14, 2024

Esther shared her dilemma in a Facebook group on Sunday, July 17, 2023, seeking advice from Nigerian members.

A Ugandan woman, Esther Kunsa, has turned to social media for advice as she plans to visit her Nigerian boyfriend but feels disheartened by his insistence that she cover all the travel expenses.

Esther shared her dilemma in a Facebook group on Sunday, July 17, 2023, seeking advice from Nigerian members.

According to Esther, she plans to visit Nigeria to meet her boyfriend’s family. However, she is unsettled by the fact that he’s asking her to bear all the travel expenses.

Hello Nigerian members. I need your help to discern. I’m in love with a Nigerian man. We are both Christians and we plan to meet soon in Nigeria in order for me to meet his family but the issue is that he wants me to pay for all the travel expenses as a way of proving my love.

He didn’t even suggest 50/50 but 100%. He says he will pay me back once I get there. Is this the Nigerian way of loving a woman? In my country, no man would suggest such to the woman he loves. Men foot bills here until he marries you then you can begin to share the responsibilities as long as you’re also earning

“I feel discouraged. The risk of moving to a strange land with different cultures, language and food is already too much for me. Please help me understand or bounce back coz am on the verge of discarding the relationship but i fear to disappoint his children. They can’t wait to see me and I cannot tell them that papa is not paying for my trip

“Please note: He’s always been kind and gentle with me. We communicate everyday, every night. I want to hear from Nigerians especially. Thank you.”

She wrote.

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