June 14, 2024

Two domestic workers have been captured on video getting into a fight over paternity at their employer’s home, causing a commotion and mayhem.

The women were seen striking one other as someone attempted to separate them.

According to reports, Aunty Oge and Lady B, two employees, got into a quarrel when the former reportedly revealed that one of their boss’s children had a different father than her siblings.

A source said the girl became confused and devastated after hearing Oge’s revelation that the man she believes to be her father is actually not.

This infuriated Lady B, who, as the appointed nanny for the kids, decided to address her colleague about the situation.

Oge allegedly slapped Lady B in the face during the altercation and said, “Who gave you the audacity to confront me? Who gave you the authority to question me?.”

The slap caused both sides to start an extended fight. Someone could be heard saying; “Aunty Oge, you slapped a 50-year-old woman.”

Other domestic workers once it grabbed their attention were compelled to intervene in the heated argument but to no effect.

Watch the video below,

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