June 14, 2024

Many white garment prophets criticized him for his statement and demanded a public apology.

Nigerian clergyman, David Ibiyeomie, has continued to express his reservations about white garment churches and their practices.

Recall that Pastor Ibiyeomie, the founder of Salvation Ministries, caused a massive uproar online some time ago when a video of him expressing his dislike for white garment churches during a sermon in his church went viral.

Many white garment prophets criticized him for his statement and demanded a public apology.

However, despite the backlash, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has maintained his stance that many white garment churches engage in ungodly practices.

According to him, having been a part of that system before he became born again, he is aware of their practices.

He said they are angry with him because he is exposing them. Speaking further, Pastor Ibiyeomie asserted that the practices of white garment churches are based on deceit and evil practices.

“White garment churches are angry at me because they know that I know them very well. I was among them before I became born again, so I know all their secrets. They all use black magic and mix it with Christianity,” he said in part.

Watch him speak below,

This comes after a prophet of the Celestial Church of Christ gave pastor David Ibiyeomie, 14 days to apologize for his recent comment about white garment churches or face dire consequences.

The prophet who identified himself as a “Bonafide celestial prophet” emphasized that Ibiyeomie had made a serious mistake and needed to apologize to the celestial community.

The prophet reiterated that if Ibiyeomie failed to apologize within 14 days, there would be consequences.

“I am saying that I want to speak to Mr. or Pastor David Ibiyeomie; I am a bona fide celestial prophet. But what he said to us, the celestials, was that he really made a terrible mistake, and as a man of God, we are expecting him within those 14 days that the supreme evangelist spoke against him to apologize. If he did not, this is not a word of threat; he will visit our God.” He said.

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