April 20, 2024

He urged men to shower their wives with love and care because they will reap the reward in old age.

Nigerian fashion designer, Yomi Casual has advised men to take care of their wives as they will enjoy the benefit when they grow old.

Yomi took to his Instagram page to dish out this advice on Wednesday, August 2. He emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s family, and encouraged people to prioritize their family.

He encouraged men to shower their wives with love and care, emphasizing that they would reap the reward of their kindness in old age.

On the other hand, he cautioned those who mistreated their wives, warning them that they would also face the consequences of their actions.

Yomi wrote,

“Be there thinking there’s anything more important than family! There’s actually nothing because you start with family and end with family.
Read that again!
Parents take care of your kids!
Husbands take good care of your wife!
You will reap it when you come of age.
You shall enjoy the fruit of your labour or the shege you deliberately made your partner or kids pass through.

See his post below,

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