June 14, 2024

A Nigerian lady identified as Morenikeji has stirred reactions online with her extraordinary deeds during the Sallah celebration in an effort to get the love and acceptance of her boyfriend’s family.

Morenikeji, wanting to make a good impression, gave her help in the cooking for the celebration and made an everlasting impact on her boyfriend’s family.

She had plans to win over her boyfriend’s family and went to see her future in-laws to take part in the Sallah celebrations.

She wanted to demonstrate her allegiance to the family and its traditions while acknowledging the importance of the event.

Throughout her time with her boyfriend’s family, Morenikeji gushed about how much she admired her possible mother-in-law and described her as a kind woman.

Morenikeji can be seen honorably kneeling anytime the chance is presented to acknowledge her boyfriend’s mother and the other women present showing her respect for tradition and her elders.

Morenikeji’s deeds did not go unnoticed; in fact, her modest nature astounded family members and spectators.

She gently accepted the criticism on her clothing and gained even more favor with the family.

Watch the video below,

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