April 20, 2024

Following the ghastly accident Nigerian singer, Portable, was involved in with his G-wagon, his mechanic has taken to social media to suggest that he sell the automobile as scrap metal.

Recall that the singer recently crashed his new Mercedes Benz Brabus on his way to his studio in Lagos.

However, a video circulating on social media shows the singer’s mechanic critically analyzing the status of the vehicle and the possibilities of its restoration.

According to the mechanic, the automobile was hit hard, causing damage to the engine, and that repairing it would be prohibitively expensive.

He recommended Portable take the automobile to Ladipo, a major metal scrap market in Lagos, and sell the Brabus as scrap.

“Sell your G-wagon as scrap at Ladipo Market so they will use it as spare Parts, The Whole G-wagon is a complete write off, The Engine of the G-wagon has been affected by the accident, to repair it is almost impossible,” he said in part.

Watch him speak below,

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