June 14, 2024

Popular Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has received support from internet users after a disturbing incident of sexual harassment occurred at a recent event.

The event was captured on film, which has now gone viral online and infuriated viewers.

In the footage, Eniola Badmus can be seen walking into the event without realizing a man is trailing closely behind her.

As she walks, the man follows her closely and inappropriately touches her backside, prompting a swift reaction from the actress.

Her security personnel rapidly stepped in to separate the two as Eniola Badmus quickly turns around and makes eye contact with the harasser.

Reacting to the video, a twitter user commented; “This is intentional… You really don’t have to stick your body on anybody before saying “Please excuse me”… Besides it wasn’t crowdy, just the two of you and you clearly saw her… That guy suppose chop slap sha”

Another user wrote; “Looks intentional.
Even if it wasn’t, your brain should tell you never to get up close to someone like that. This is troubling.”

Watch the video below,

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