April 20, 2024

A video that recently emerged online suggests that the Ondo chef turned off the gas burner.

A Nigerian chef who is currently on a quest to break Hilda Baci’s record for the longest individual cooking marathon has sparked mixed reactions online after she reportedly turned off the gas while cooking.

Adeyeye Adeola, who hails from Ondo state, started the cooking marathon a few days ago and plans to cook continuously for 150 hours. The cook-a-thon is presently holding at TMF Lounge and Bar in Ile Oluji, Ondo State, Nigeria.

However, a video that recently emerged online suggests that the Ondo chef turned off the gas burner and comfortably ate one of the dishes she prepared.

This seemingly contradicts one of the rules of Guinness World Record for the cook-a-thon which states that the participant must not turn off the gas burner during the marathon.

This has stirred different reaction online. Read some of the comments as you scroll,

@_lucytula wrote, “Did they not see the rules? Did they not read it? Why waste your time if you won’t abide by the rules and regulations????”

@ojago_chibelly wrote, “I don’t think I have had a good laugh today, jus seeing this made me laugh so hard, that am even tearing. How many hours dey go comot for this one now.”

@tz_ray wrote, “That might be her break time, who knows”

@osakioya_oghogho wrote, “I listened to Hilda’s Testimony. She said she kept begging God for strength because she knew she couldn’t do it on her own. Supernatural strength. All I can say is, it is well with these upcoming record breakers because..”

Watch the clip below,

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