April 20, 2024

A Nigerian man from Benue State, Msom Terhas has taken to social media to narrate how a woman died after years of enduring domestic violence by her husband and his family members.

According to Mr. Ter, the deceased, who wed her husband immediately after finishing secondary school, was allegedly treated like a slave and called a witch by her husband’s family, especially her mother-in-law.

He wrote;

“We just laid a young lady to rest this evening. This young lady got married to this particular young man at a very tender age just after her secondary school,” he narrated in a Facebook post on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

The mother of her supposed husband first kicked against that marriage that she wasn’t from their village and she doesn’t want her son bringing in strangers as wives into her house.

This woman vehemently told her son that it will be after her death that her son would bring the young lady in.

That enough was a red and red plus flag, one reason she should have ran for her life but she consoled herself that in time the family will accept her , because of love without the assurance of her supposed husband to be, he was quiet never counter or even showed a sign of defense when his mother attacked that young girl
This young lady went into marriage even when nobody accepted her, she was turned into a slave, cooked, wash for both her husband’s younger siblings girls and boys , wash the plate, clean her in laws rooms .

To her after doing these things they will accept her but in reality was a different thing all together.

Her mother in-law went into caves, forest , streams and rivers just to see she never conceive , or be happy

A young lady in her early 20s looking like a woman above her 50s. She went through a lot and people still tagged her witch because of her inability to conceive.

At a certain level her senseless husband believed people which led to her been maltreated seriously, punching her daily.

Young woman kept pushing that one day the family will accept her. While her health was seriously threatened, no money to at least get herself checked up.

She went to the farm while working collapsed and before arrival at the hospital she was history, gave up. I just hope the family both the mother and sisters to her husband will be happy by now. The useless husband too happy.

Sometimes I ask people going through tough times in marriage “ was your father’s house set ablazed before getting married to this family?”

You can make so many mistakes but never marry into a family that at the first instance they made it clear they don’t want you. Once you hear that Picketh your shoesth and runeth, it’s a dangerous war you can not win

If the going isn’t going please pack your bags and go back to your father’s house love isn’t enough to risk your life that way

They are plenty prayer points to ask God while in marriage, don’t make the mistake of asking God to change a family that doesn’t want you

Yes it might have worked for others but you aren’t them , don’t use your life for a test run. May God grant us the request of a good spouse and happy family. When there’s a man to pray, there’s a God to answer. Or I’m telling a tale? Kpash!!! Oson Daddy doesn’t tell tales at all.”

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