April 20, 2024

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to cried out after falling prey to a devious travel agent who promised him a Canadian visa but fled with a whopping N15 million.

All of the man’s efforts and hard-earned funds were swindled away, shattering his ambitions of going to Canada.

The sad victim told Grandma Shasha, a popular TikTok user renowned for creating travel content, about his incident.

The man explained that he had decided to start a new life in Canada and had enlisted the help of an agent who claimed to be an expert in obtaining Canadian visas.

According to the victim, he went to tremendous measures, to raise the excessive cash required by the fraudulent agent.

He sold his most prized belongings, including the only land he received from his late father and two automobiles. With these assets sold, he was able to raise the N15 million requested by the agent to expedite the immigration procedure.

The hopeful man gave over the large cash, trusting in the agent’s claims and eagerly expecting the fulfillment of his Canadian dream. To his dismay, the agent delivered nothing more than a Nigerian international passport before disappearing into thin air.

Desperate to find the elusive agent and reclaim his money, the man attempted phone calls, but was unsuccessful.

“I sold my two cars and my only land inheritance in the village to raise N15 million to give to an agent for a Canadian visa, and all I could get was a passport. And the agent is nowhere to be found.
I have tried tracking him, but nothing. I keep calling, and they said the number is not allocated.”

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