June 14, 2024

A Nigerian lady, Edith Ojakovo, has taken to social media to seek advice after her baby daddy of eight years refused to meet her family because he doesn’t have money.

According to her, they have been dating for 8 years and they have a daughter together but the man has refused to visit her family members to carry out the marital rite.

Sharing her dilemma she revealed that she recently met a new man about a month ago and is willing to go visit her family.

Taking to Facebook, she wrote;

“I need your advice please, I am dating a guy for the past eight years now. I am staying with him we have one daughter I love him but the problem is that he don’t know my family, Anytime I ask him to go he will say he don’t have money. Along the line so I meet this guy not up to one month. He said that he want to see my family. So what will I do and I love my baby father.”

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