June 14, 2024

A Nigerian father, Kachi Ogbonna, has stirred reactions after he offered his six-year-old daughter, Sophia Ogbonna, a job with weekly pay.

He promised to pay the little girl N1,000 per week as a Family Support Assistant (FSA) in his company, according to the contract.

By taking on specified obligations, the father, who posted a copy of the job letter on Facebook, offered to provide his daughter the chance to begin earning money.

According to the job letter, which was dated July 21, 2023, Sophia would be in charge of cleaning the house every day, sweeping the floor, organizing the kids’ room, and routinely organizing Daddy’s books. Her boss would be her mother.

He wrote;

“Today, I presented offer letter to my six year old daughter.
It is one of the promises I made her when the countdown to her sixth birthday started.
I promised her that I will offer her the opportunity to start earning money by taking up more specific responsibilities in the house.
At six, I want her to begin to develop the sense of responsibility. She need to know that if she don’t do this thing it will probably not be done.
Ialso want her to understand the concept of

Yes, most adults still have that entitlement mentality, going about looking for who to dash them free money.But I want Sophia to know that you can have as much money as you want if you can work hard enough to ‘earn’ them.The money she earns doing this job is completely her own and she will be the one to decide how she spends it.

In fact, I wanted to get her a piggy bank where she can put the money and not able to access it until say December.But on a second thought, I decided to allow her keep it in a place where she can access it anytime she like.I choose that route because I also want her to learn how to make financial decisions.It is a common knowledge that there are many adults whose problem is not how to make money but the discipline of managing the money they earn.I am rooting for my daughter as she has already started on a good note and I know that she will go far.Once again, congratulations My Star Girl.”

See the letter below,

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