April 20, 2024

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to disclose that, like Joseph in the biblical account of Potiphar’s wife, he is tempted by his employer’s wife.

The apprentice said that he had fewer than two years left to complete his apprenticeship with his master, but the wife had only recently begun seducing him.

He didn’t want to give in to her advances and didn’t want to be unfairly accused, so he went online to seek advice on how to handle the situation.

He wrote;

“My head wan burst. My Oga wife wan do me Portiphar wife way. This is my 2nd to last year to serve my Oga. Na now she dey seduce me. I dont know what to do. All dis while she just Dey tease me Dey ask me how all my girlfriends. I pretend like I no know she Dey flirt until on Sunday evening.

She call me Dey rub me everywhere. I know say I like woman but I no fit sleep with married woman, let alone my Oga wife. I’m a traditional Igbo guy I know the financial and spiritual consequences. If I say no she can set me up and they will chase me away. Biko How I go handle this one.”

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