June 14, 2024

Reality TV star, Mercy Eke, has revealed that her mother attempted to terminate her pregnancy before she was born.

Speaking with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the Imo-born influencer stated that one of her aunts advised her mother to terminate the pregnancy because she already had five children.

Her mother consented, and they tried many local methods to end the pregnancy, but they all failed.

Mercy stated that her mother had told her the story many years later and was relieved that her attempts to get rid of her had failed.

She said;

“When she [my mother] was pregnant, there is this aunty of mine…She [my mother] has already had five children then this last one which is me. She has four girls and one boy. So, when that my aunty came, she was like, ‘Ah! Emilia, is this another pregnancy? With all these children you’ve dumped here.’

So, that thing messed with her [my mother] mental health. It really messed with her that she wanted to like get me out then. She was going to the farm, she would climb something you would fall so that I will go but me I stubborn na. I no go anywhere. I dey gidigba. Yeah, it was a true story. She wanted to get me off.

One day, she [my mother] was like she wish that person was alive to see what that girl that she wanted to abort that time has grown to become. Yeah, that was how she told me the story.

She is happy with me. She is happy that she didn’t remove me or abort me. She is happy that I didn’t die. And she is happy she gave birth to me like she took that risk even without anything. Because now, my mother is one of the happiest people. My mother is just sleeping. She is enjoying life. She wake up, eats what she wants to eat. So, now she is happy.”

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