June 14, 2024

A married Nigerian man, John Emoavigho has taken to social media to narrate the story of how a DNA paternity test revealed that the girl who accused him of being the cause of her pregnancy in 2020 was lying.

Emoavigho, who wed his wife in 2021, said on Facebook three days ago that the girl who went by the name Peace Ugu claimed he was the father of her kid, Michelle. He was then taken into custody and brought before a Delta State court.

He said that after entering a not-guilty plea in front of the Owhelogho Magistrate Court, he was given a bail bond of N100,000 with two sureties.

Emoavigho agreed to settle the dispute out of court despite being absolutely certain he wasn’t the child’s father.

He promised to pay the girl’s family’s claim for N467,000 in damages over the course of many months.

Emoabigho was arrested, charged with a crime, and placed in the Kwale jail correctional center where he spent two months in January 2021 after he failed to pay a portion of the agreed-upon amount.

The court mandated that a DNA test be performed on the child on May 23, 2023 and the test proved that he is not the father of the said child.

He wrote;

“A girl called Peace Ugu and her full family has been accusing me that I got her pregnant since 2020, I was arrested and taken to area command, ozoro station and they charged me to Owhelogbo magistrate court and Ozoro high court of justice,” he explained.

At owhelogbo magistrate court, I was facing 5 count charges leveled against me and all count was criminal and punishable offence. And in high court of justice ozoro I was charged for civil suit right demanding for DNA paternity test the girl claimed.

I pleaded not guilty in all 5 criminal count charges leveled against me at owhelogbo magistrate court, and I was granted bail with fine of #100,000 with 2 surety.

In high court of justice demands for DNA paternity test, I knew very well that I’m not the father of that baby they claim to be mine, after wasting some of my money in the in court I went with my whole family for settlement in December 2020 so that I can take the child responsibilities, because I can’t be wasting my money in something that is not really relevant

The girl family Ugu demanded for damage of #467,000 which I have agreed to pay #53,500 every 60 days which is 2 months then both family agreed and we went to owhelogbo magistrate court to strike out the case leaving only high court of justice ozoro behind.

February 2021 due for my first instalment to pay #53,500 but January 2021 they served me high court papers to appear in court to pay them the agreement settlement fee in court dated for me to appear before the court march 3rd, I got angry then march I went to high court and the Judge told me to go home and settle with them. I invited my family again to their family house, they said I got their daughter pregnant I was denying so that’s no settlement over this anymore that’ll go to jail with bet.

Matter remains in high court of justice ozoro silently, I was served another court appearance paper 25th of October 2021 which I did the judge said go home again and settled with them, matter still silent in high court, they claimed they serve me court appearance paper in 2022 which I didn’t see.

21st December 2022 the girl’s brother, Oreva Ugu hold me to police officer when I was eating in a restaurant with high court order with 2 warrant, disobedience to court and failed to conduct DNA paternity test

I was kept in Owhelogbo police station within 2 hours, area command ozoro station police came to owhelogbo station to pick me up to area command ozoro cell, 22nd December 2022 at about 8:30am I was sent to Kwale prison correctional center

I spent 2 months and 2 days in prison remand. After I was released from prison correctional center Kwale, I got angry then I demanded for the DNA test they want for long to prove them wrong.

On 23 May 2023, court ordered to collect my sample with the child sample, both family and court secretary present in Lily clinic Warri which cost us #181,000.

After sample collected, Lily clinic said sample will be send to abroad and results will be out within 15 working days.

DNA paternity test result came out probability of paternity 0% sure I’m not the father of the alleged child. Glory to God Almighty who stood for me.
Check result below and thank God for me.”

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