June 14, 2024

According to him, instead of looking for ‘sexual compatibility’, people should seek ‘sexual commitment’.

Self-acclaimed life coach,Solomon Buchi has tackled those seeking sexual compatibility with their prospective partner before marriage.

Taking to Facebook, Solomon opined that sexual compatibility is a lie from the pit of hell to make people fornicate unendingly in their pursuit for someone who will outperform their last sexual encounter.

According to him, instead of looking for ‘sexual compatibility’, people should seek ‘sexual commitment’ because it ensures growth and fulfilment in marriage.

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“Sexual compatibility is a lie from abyss to make young people fornicate unendingly in their pursuit for someone who’ll sexually outperform their last sexual partner. They end up sleeping with the whole town. What you need is sexual commitment, and it only exists in marriage. Commitment ensures fulfillment, hence, if you’re committed to someone, you’ll do anything within reason & sentiment to please them. Emotionally, this is the case; sexually, it’s same. Sexual commitment in marriage is God’s design. Sexual compatibility is the devil’s buzzword.

Think of this: as a Christian, premarital sex is a sin. You somehow fall into it, engage in it with multiple partners, and when it’s time to choose a life partner, you use what you learnt through SIN(fornication) for ascertaining who you’ll marry. This is not consistent. How do you seek godly marriage through sinful desires and acts? How do you measure a potential partner with the perversion you learnt from porn? Sex is important, but the sexualization of marriage and even our partners is the spirit of lust at work.

Sexual compatibility says “I’m going to test you & if you’re not good enough, I’ll leave you”, while sexual commitment says “I’m going to wait till marriage, and even if you’re not good enough at first, I’ll stay committed because we have forever to grow in pleasing ourselves.” ‘Sexual compatibility’ is impatient, and so is lust; therefore, sexual compatibility is lust. Sexual commitment understands sex as a duty as much as it is for pleasure. It gives room for growth and a safe space for vulnerable intimacy.

Stop looking for porn stars to build a godly marriage with. In fact, these defiant sexual desires are a result of disobedience to God. If we all stayed sexually pure; you won’t go into marriage wanting 50 styles in 10 minutes, or desiring 9 inches. These are works of the flesh.”

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