June 14, 2024

Nollywood actress, Actress Peju Johnson has said that she is looking forward to getting married and having children.

Peju made this known during an interview while lamenting over the difficulty in finding a good man these days and how many marriages are failing.

The Yoruba movie star said she she believed that there is a man out there for her whom she will marry and grow old with.

She said; “I cannot stay without getting married. I want to be married. I love love, kids and family. I want them all. These days, it is not easy to find a good man, and many marriages are falling apart. However, I still believe that there is a man out there for me that I will grow old with.”

Reacting to the issue of single mothers celebrating themselves on Fathers’ Day, Johnson said; “Being a single mother is not an easy task. Single mothers are strong, and they are really trying. They are doing what two people are supposed to do. So, they should be allowed to celebrate themselves, because they deserve it.”

Addressing people who feel that even if a parent abandons their kids, the children will still look for that parent in the future, the actress said; “The fact that it works for one person does not mean it would work for others. A lot of parents that abandoned their children are suffering in their old age, simply because they were not there for their children. Parents need to fulfill their responsibilities to their children.”

Asked if she could take back a partner that had abandoned her and her children, she said; “Yes, I can. But, that is if I have not moved on with another man. It is not easy though, but I can accept him back to father his children. Also, I would be doing it for the kids, and not for him or me. Every child needs their father. However, if I had moved on, I would only accept him for co-parenting; just so the children can have their father in their lives.”

Painting a picture of her ideal man, Johnson said; “My ideal man must be loving, dark-complexioned, caring, a good listener, kind, and a man that knows God.”

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