April 20, 2024

An African American man has recalled with pain how, as a result of cheating on his lover, he lost everything and became homeless.

He discussed how their grandiose hopes for the future as a marriage fell apart as a result of his infidelity in a video that has gone viral. The homeless guy shared this with a content creator who gave him $500 after he revealed his biggest regret in life.

He explained that he and his girlfriend were supposed to buy a car, house and live together as a family but all that could no longer happen after he cheated.

Tearfully recounting his experience, the guy pleaded with others to avoid making the same mistakes as him by treating women with respect.

He said;

“I say cheating on my girl cos after I cheated on her, I lost everything. So that’s my biggest regret right there.

We talked about buying a house, we talked about buying a car, just living the life together but now look at me, I’ve got nothing, I’ve lost it. If you got a good girl, just love her and cherish her don’t be like me”.

Watch the video below,

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