June 14, 2024

Popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has taken to social media to express worry at the increased hardship suffered by Nigerians.

Sharing on her Instagram page, Iyabo Ojo reacted to the government’s plan to offer N8,000 monthly to needy residents, wondering whether the people have the resilience to weather the storm till the promised “Renewed Hope” arrives.

She spoke about the country’s dismal position, particularly the ongoing food crisis. She labeled the government’s proposed palliative care strategy a “joke” and a “slap” in the face to the suffering people.

In her words;

“I hope Nigerians have the strength to hold on b4 we begin to reap this our imaginary Renewed Hope….. There is serious hunger in the land, and 8k monthly to the poor is definitely not the solution… That is definitely a joke & a slap.”

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