June 14, 2024

Reality TV star, Bamike Adenibuyan, also known as BamBam, has stated that she is just concerned with her husband’s opinions and not with what online trolls say.

The mother of two shared this in an interview with Punch Saturday Beats while talking about her feelings regarding cyberbullies and their ideas.

According to her, everyone had the right to have and express any opinions they choose, but those that mean most to her are those of her spouse, Teddy A.

She said;

“I do not care about trolls (cyber bullies), because it is important that the world knows that everyone is entitled to their opinions. It will only matter if the troll is from my mother and my father. Even at that, what matters the most is what I feel about myself. My husband is the only one who can hurt me with his words, because I love him so much. His opinion matters the most to me. I do not live for trolls, unless I want to be suicidal.”

During the conversation, BamBam mentioned her desire to star in and direct her own films.

BamBam said,

“I am really passionate about filmmaking. Acting and producing my own films are really something that I look forward to doing. I am currently working with some film producers to do something. I have some stories I have written but the budget is much. I also have an interest in reality shows, and I am working on producing some.”

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