June 14, 2024

Popular British rapper, Stefflon Don, has said that she can count the guys she has slept with on one hand.

The socialite shared this on her Snapchat page after a troll tried to ridicule her by suggesting she switches partners every year.

“Different man every year smh,” the troll mocked.

In response to the troll, she disclosed that she could count the number of guys she had slept with on one hand.

She went on to suggest that many guys deserve women with 50 body counts since they are promiscuous and disloyal.

Steff, who was previously in a relationship with Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, wrote;

“I can count on 1 hand how many men I’ve slept with and that don’t mean nothing cuz every man has still cheated further more 99% of you deserve females with 50 bodies. Out here worrying about womens body counts get a life”

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