June 14, 2024

She said she was shocked by the state of his kitchen.

A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to publicly expose a man who criticized her for not cleaning his dirty kitchen.

According to the lady who goes by the Twitter handle @IkpeKachiee, she paid a visit to his place for the first time this year and met the dirty state of his kitchen.

She said she was shocked by the unkempt condition of his kitchen, but was even more surprised when the man expressed his anger with her for not cleaning up the place.

Taking to Twitter, she shared a video of the man’s kitchen, which was in a state of disarray, with dishes and pots strewn everywhere. She further lambasted her host for expecting her to clean up after him.

She tweeted,

“You guys, the funniest thing happened to me today. Hold on let me laugh finish.
I’m coming to your house for the first time this year and you’re angry that I did not clean your kitchen that looks like where animals are living. I can’t even post the chats cause I’m so angry. 

Watch the clip below,

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