April 20, 2024

An anonymous man has sparked reactions online after sharing the disturbing actions of his girlfriend during arguments.

Sharing his predicament on the anonymous message platform, NGL, he revealed that he had been living with his partner for 7 months but she consistently resorts to aggressive slapping and severe physical blows.

According to him, he was almost done with their plans to relocate abroad together and confused on whether to proceed or not given her abusive nature.

Hw wrote;

“I’ve been cohabiting with my girlfriend for about 7 months now. Most times, when we have arguments or issues, she’s quick to slap and hit me hard.”

She tells me I won’t have peace for engaging her in an argument that wasn’t premeditated.

It’s important to note that I’ve never laid my hands on her. One day, during an argument, she hit me thrice with a hanger, causing me injuries.

She even deprives me of sleep and demands that I beg her forcefully. I’ve been working on our travel plans to the UK, and they’re about 90-95% complete.

She will be going with me as a dependent. I would greatly appreciate any advice you have for me regarding this situation.”

Reacting to the story, Chi wrote; “Why would you add such person as your dependant? An abuser? Haaaa. Omo some people no get sense at all or you are under a spell ni? because I don’t understand why you even need people to tell you that this is a no no. So for you to have added her means you both have done court marriage? Abi how does this work? I just feel like giving you a dirty slap myself.”

Kayode commented; “Finished mumu (I can’t even call you a man)”

Reas his story below;

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