June 14, 2024

There was a palpable fear as a gas explosion razed a residential building with properties destroyed on Cascol Street in the Ojo area of Lagos State.

The inferno which occurred early hours of Saturday, July 15, 2023, started after a camp gas exploded in the eight-room bungalow.

Amodu Shakiri, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Services, confirmed the incident and stated that one of the occupants was cooking in the corridor of the building when the explosion occurred.

He said, “One of the occupants of the building was cooking with a camp gas when it exploded, and the building was severely burnt with content therein.

“We also found that the passage was used as their kitchen because there was no specific area identified as a kitchen on the premises. We also counted not less than six camp gases in there.

The call came in at about 9:05 am, and we were able to isolate the fire to only the building alone while adjoining buildings were safe from the gas-induced fire.”

Shakiri said the incident would have been fatal but for the detachment of some officers from the Ojo military cantonment who protected firefighters carrying out their duties.

He added that there was no casualty as the occupants of the building escaped unhurt.

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