April 20, 2024

An emotional reunion between a woman and her twin brother, many years after they were split up has surfaced online.

The South African woman identified as Patriciaboity took to her social media page to reveal that she had gotten in touch with her twin.

She visited her twin in the run-down apartment he was residing in in the video she posted online.

When he first saw her, he got overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t hold back the flood of tears as he began crying.

She did not share details about the events that had caused her separation but she promised to inform netizens about it.

Reacting to the video, Thunya queried; “yoooo haiii guys since we are all crying now.. we deserve an explanation. what happened.. why were u separated”

Patriciaboity replied; “we met again and I managed to buy him some few clothes…and anyone who’s willing to help…I’d really appreciate it so much.. and thanks for the love i will make a video on how we separated”

Watch the video below,

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