April 20, 2024

Last night, during an Instagram live session, Anita alleged that Davido deliberately gets his wife, Chioma’s visa denied.

Nigerian singer Davido’s alleged American pregnant side chic, Anita Brown, has made a new bold claim about him.

Anita has been in the news since she publicly announced that she is allegedly carrying the singer’s child. She also shared a series of purported chats and videos to support her claim that she indeed had an intimate affair with the married singer.

Last night, during an Instagram live session, Anita dropped a bombshell. She alleged that Davido deliberately gets his wife, Chioma’s visa denied.

Although she didn’t reveal the reason for this, she promised to help Chioma get a visa to the United States.

Proudly declaring herself as every man’s karma, Anita also vowed to get a work visa for all of the singer’s baby mamas until they get what they deserve.

“That man doesn’t ever have to speak to me again! Bitch, speak to my lawyers. All those baby mothers that aren’t getting support, not me, here I come, HOE! Better keep making hits, because we need it! Hypocrite. I’ll get every baby mother a work visa until they can get what the fuck they deserve!

There are about six baby mothers, UNPAID! And struggling! Speaking out like deadbeat! All because they can’t really go to a real judge and get favor! SMD! Here I COME!

“I’m a different breed! Trust me. I don’t give a fuck about any damn fans talking shit. I’m built for this. I’ve been through REAL STUFF in life, not some social media minions. Y’all think I’m that weak! Lmao! No, BOO! This is America, hoe! Men think they can have sex with every female and tell them all the same sob story, but karma don’t spin the block! I’m every man’s KARMA & IDGAF,” she wrote on Twitter.

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