June 14, 2024

A post on Frodd’s Instagram page, shared by his team after he was unveiled as a housemate, also reiterated that he’s on the show with his wife’s support.

Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Chukwuemeka Okoye, better known as Frodd, has revealed that he’s on the show for his wife.

Frodd, who was a housemate on the Pepper Dem edition of the show and has now returned to compete for the N120 million prize, made this revelation during the season premiere on Sunday.

He added that he aims to win the one hundred and twenty million naira grand cash prize and clear some misconceptions about his personality.

Speaking about leaving his heavily pregnant wife to come on the show, the father-to-be noted that he is participating with her permission and is determined to win the grand prize for her.

A post on Frodd’s Instagram page, shared by his team after he was unveiled as a housemate, also reiterated that he’s on the show with his wife’s support.

Read the post below,

“Dear Froddnation
We wanted to take a moment to shed light on an incredible story of love, unity, and support that has captured our hearts. Many of you may have heard some misconceptions surrounding Frodd’s journey to BBN, but we are here to set the record straight and share the true narrative of this inspiring couple.

Frodd, a devoted husband, and his amazing wife, Chioma, made a decision together that has shown us the true essence of family support. It wasn’t a case of leaving anyone behind or making difficult sacrifices; rather, it was an agreement founded on love, trust, and the pursuit of their shared dreams as a vision-driven couple.

From the beginning, Frodd and Chioma have been each other’s biggest cheerleaders. When the opportunity to participate in the show came knocking, they sat down, hand in hand, and discussed their hopes and aspirations. They envisaged the clap backs and trolls this would cost but they both understood the potential this opportunity held for their growing family.

This story resonates with us because it reflects the values we hold dear: love, communication, and the understanding that family stands together through thick and thin. We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Frodd for being the husby that carries his family along and our admiration to Chioma for being an epitome of love and support.

Froddnation, today we celebrate the true definition of family. We celebrate strong virtues such as love, support and unity. Now we’ve gotten this out the way, please let the young couple breath. Can we now share the grace? ”.

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