June 14, 2024

According to him, more Gen Zs could also become millionaires in dollars if they refrain from using social media aimlessly.

A Canadian millionaire in his early twenties, Luke Lintz, has strongly criticized his own generation for engaging in ‘mindless scrolling’ on social media.

Luke, who became successful after co-founding a company that is currently valued at millions of dollars with his brothers, stated that any young person who is provoked by his statement is just lazy.

According to him, more Gen Zs could also become millionaires in dollars if they simply refrain from using social media aimlessly.

23-year-old millionaire slams

The young entrepreneur, who lives in a luxury condo, drives super fast cars, and travels to exotic locations with his stay-at-home girlfriend, also shared the secrets to his success.

He said,

“People can blame the economy but ultimately you will get back the value you contribute.

You have to surround yourself with driven people to be successful and I couldn’t find that crowd by staying in my small hometown.

I know I really disappointed my parents when I decided to ditch college to run my own company.

At first, my dad was so upset he kicked me out of the house – which meant I had to make my own success from day one.

But it all ended well, he even later invested in the company and I know he is proud of me now.

I haven’t taken a day off in seven years.

There is so much opportunity out there but most 20-somethings are addicted to scrolling on their phones.”

Although Luke advises young people to reduce their usage of social media, it is worth noting that he reportedly amassed his wealth through Instagram advertising.

He initially started by creating advertisements to sell physical products and eventually expanded into digital marketing and public relations.

Presently, Luke and his brothers have established a client base of 1,200 individuals worldwide, which includes prominent celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Cardi B, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, and Rick Ross.

Luke’s aspiration is to become a billionaire by the age of 40. He currently has a workforce of over 75 full-time employees, and aims to generate a turnover of $100 million within the next five years.

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